Elixir Storage

  • Summary
    • The Elixir Storage allows you to save your hard earned Elixir so that you can use it for future upgrades. While a maximum-level storage unit is capable of storing 2 million Elixir, the amount of Elixir an attacker may loot now depends on the defender’s Town Hall level (See Loot Percentage and Storage CAP below). When your Elixir Storage are full, any Elixir gained from raids will not go into your Elixir Storage, but will count to the total amount of loot stolen from the player. It will also count toward the Elixir Escapade Achievement.
    • The Elixir Storage building takes up a 3×3 space.
    • Elixir Storage are still fully functional while being upgraded.
    • Upgrading your Elixir Storage to a higher level than you require for storage purposes can potentially save Elixir in a raid. As an attacker receives an amount of Elixir proportional to the percentage of damage each hit causes, the higher health of the upgraded building results in less Elixir per hit. It also takes longer to destroy, giving you more time for your defenses to destroy the attacker before they can steal all the available Elixir.
    • The Elixir Storage is the counterpart of the Gold Storage, and vice versa.
    • Although it stores Elixir, it is upgraded with Gold.